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Each student has special gifts to share with the world and at Holy Ghost School; we have built our educational philosophy around the idea that it is our duty to assist in the formation of our students’ future. How do we do that? Holy Ghost School incorporates a high school preparatory curriculum and instills a strong sense of service to others and our communities into the daily life of our school. By understanding how students learn and providing a safe and nurturing environment that is conducive to higher thought and studious reflection, we are giving students the ability to achieve the fulfillment of their potential and grow in witness, social awareness, and academic prowess.


In grades Pre-K3 through 8th, our students learn the fundamentals of social interaction, how to be part of an academic community and the importance of recognizing the gifts each person brings to our school community. Well beyond the fundamentals of English/ Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and Religion, our students participate in classroom activities that help them excel in technology, as well as learning researching and study skills that will serve them well as they prepare to transition to a college preparatory high school.


The coursework in each grade level is designed to challenge and promote academic excellence, and encourage critical thinking skills and allow students to form a values-based problem solving ability that will serve them throughout their lives.


Our faculty is dedicated to the success of our students and makes it a priority that all students know that they are capable of leaving a positive impact on their community.


Holy Ghost School is a member of the network of Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston and is accredited by the Texas Catholic Conference Education Department (TCCED), which is recognized and approved by the Texas Education Agency.