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2nd Grade

2nd Grade Hmwk Dec. 7 – 11

2nd Grade Nov 30 – Dec. 4

2nd Grade Nov 16-20

2nd Grade Nov 9-13

2nd Grade Homework Week 10 26 10 30Homework for 2nd Graders for the Week of 10


  • Raise your hand.
  • Ask before leaving your seat.
  • Respect one another and their property.
  • Talk with kindness.
  • Use your inside voices.


Second Grade Curriculum


Second graders learn through stories, activities, Scripture, prayer, discussion and reflection about their Catholic faith. Catholic values are discussed and integrated in all subject areas.

The focus is on:


  • Traditional common prayers
  • Creation
  • God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit
  • Celebrating liturgy
  • The sacraments
  • First Eucharist and Reconciliation
  • Liturgical seasons
  • Lives of saints



The Language Arts Program includes reading, writing, speaking, listening, and the study of literature. The components of the program emphasize the development of those skills that allow students to read with fluency, comprehend and interpret written materials, communicate well and listen and speak effectively.




Children through the textbook series will experience authentic literature in the form of poetry, folktales, nonfiction, fiction, fantasies and plays. Reading fluency will develop and improve as students are presented with the following skills:


  • Linking spoken and written language
  • Using word identification strategies
  • Developing vocabulary (includes listening and sight)
  • Using word attack skills
  • Comprehending the main idea
  • Sequencing events of a story
  • Analyzing details
  • Using context clues
  • Distinguishing fact from fantasy
  • Making predictions
  • Self-appraising and self-correct while reading
  • Using index & dictionary



Second grade students use writing to convey meaning.

Students will:


  • Write legibly
  • Write multiple sequential sentences on a given topic
  • Apply spelling knowledge (skills are developed through a variety of spelling and phonetic patterns)

Apply grammar and mechanics:


  • Basic parts of speech
  • Simple tenses
  • Writing formats
  • Punctuation



Second grade students will listen for understanding, follow directions and respond appropriately to the speaker. Students will use acquired language and vocabulary to express opinions.

They will:


  • Present material orally
  • Make presentations to individuals and small groups
  • Participate in small & large group discussion
  • Read, analyze, & retell stories



Second grade students will study, retain and use information from a variety of sources.

Students will:


  • Recognize different sections of the library
  • Locate books of interest
  • Understand basic word processing terms
  • Use word processing
  • Print documents



Second grade students acquire a knowledge of mathematics and the ability to apply math skills to solve problems through the use of the textbook, extended activities, and hands on experiences.

Students will:


  • Identify place value
  • Use number line
  • Add and subtract 2 and 3 digit numbers
  • Solve word problems
  • Chart, compare and graph data
  • Use clock to determine time
  • Measure and compare units of lengthcapacity and weight
  • Identify patterns, using fact families
  • Graph and explain data
  • Identify, classify, compare and describe characteristics of shapes



Students use concrete, hands-on experiences to understand science in the physical and natural world around them. They learn through observing, predicting, questioning and explaining.

Students will:


  • Categorize and classify living & non-living things
  • Compare sources of energy
  • Identify states of matter
  • Describe features and processes of the Earth and its resources
  • Identify force and motion
  • Identify the Earth’s place in the universe



Second grade students develop an awareness of themselves and people around them.

The focus will be:


  • Communities
  • Cities
  • Cultures
  • Meeting needs through goods and services
  • Celebrations



In second grade, students learn and explore factors that affect a healthy lifestyle.

Students will:


  • Participate in personal fitness activities.
  • Acquire an awareness of personal health needs
  • Demonstrate gross motor skills
  • Participate in cooperative group games



In second grade, students will have the opportunity to express themselves in various art forms.

Students will:


  • Communicate through art
  • Appreciate various art works
  • Take pride in their work



In second grade, students will have the opportunity to participate in music activities and to develop an appreciation for music.