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4th Grade

Dear Fourth Grade Parents

Mrs. Lobo

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Education



  • Be seated in your place.
  • Ask permission before leaving your seat.
  • Raise your hand to be heard.
  • Speak politely.
  • Change classes in an orderly manner.



Grade Four Curriculum


Fourth graders will learn through stories, activities, Scripture, prayer, discussion and reflection about their Catholic faith. Catholic values are discussed and integrated not only in Religion, but in all learning. The focus is on:


  • God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit
  • Planning, assisting in liturgy and other forms of worship
  • The sacraments
  • Service
  • Liturgical seasons
  • Morality
  • Church structure


The Language Arts Program includes reading, writing, speaking, listening, and the study of literature. The components of the program emphasize the development of those skills that allow students to read with fluency, comprehend and interpret written materials, communicate well, and listen and speak effectively. The skills acquired and understood are applied and reinforced in all content areas.




Children through the textbook will experience authentic literature in the form of poetry, folktales, nonfiction, fiction, biographies, fantasies and plays. Reading fluency will develop and improve as students are presented with the following skills:


  • Understanding cause and effect
  • Understanding plot
  • Identifying figurative language
  • Sequencing events of a story
  • Analyzing details
  • Using context clues & other resources to enhance vocabulary
  • Identifying the characteristics of fiction
  • Stating the author’s purpose
  • Creating graphic organizers
  • Self-correct while reading
  • Interpret pronunciation key and diacritical marks in a dictionary or glossary



Fourth grade students use writing to convey meaning.

Students will:


  • Write legibly using cursive
  • Write multiple sequential paragraphs on a given topic
  • Apply grammar and mechanics
  • Parts of speech
  • Tenses
  • Punctuation
  • Construct an outline
  • Use the writing process including pre-writing, writing, revising, editing, and final draft
  • Write in multiple forms
  • Narrative, descriptive and persuasive essays
  • Book reviews



Fourth grade students will listen for understanding, follow directions and respond appropriately to the speaker. Students will use acquired language and vocabulary to express opinions.

They will:


  • Present material orally
  • Make presentations to individuals and small groups
  • Participate in small & large group discussion
  • Express ideas clearly when speaking
  • Give a ” how-to” speech



Fourth grade students will study, retain and use information from a variety of sources.

Students will:


  • Retrieve materials using a library classification system
  • Define a research topic through key word searches
  • Combine text, use of other tools to create a project
  • Use tool bar and menus
  • Create and use a database
  • Understand copyright violations
  • Create a multimedia presentation



Fourth grade students acquire a knowledge of mathematics and the ability to apply math skills to solve problems through the use of the textbook, extended activities, and hands on experiences.

Students will:


  • Identify place value
  • Identify, describe & compare relationships of points and lines
  • Multiply and divide 2, 3, & 4 digit numbers
  • Describe and use patterns
  • Add and subtract fractions
  • Use decimals with the four operations
  • Measure and compare units of length, capacity and weight
  • Compare and construct geometric shapes
  • Graph and explain data
  • Solve problems with one variable
  • Demonstrate problem solving strategies



Students use concrete, hands-on experiences to understand science in the physical and natural world around them. They learn through observing, predicting, questioning and explaining.

Students will:


  • Explain relationship of living things to their environment
  • Describe characteristics of light and sound
  • Describe and use simple electrical circuit
  • Identify and classify rocks
  • Identify effects on water, rock cycles
  • Identify constellations
  • Describe factors affecting ecosystems



Fourth grade students acquire social and cultural understanding of the world around them.

The focus will be:


  • Immigration and cultural appreciation
  • Regions of the U.S.
  • Geography/map skills
  • Government
  • Illinois history
  • Meeting needs through goods and services



In fourth grade, students learn and explore factors that affect a healthy lifestyle.

Students will develop and maintain:


  • Muscle strength, cardiovascular endurance & flexibility
  • Rules, safety and strategies of sports and games
  • Sportsmanship and participation in sports and games



In fourth grade, students will have the opportunity to express themselves in various art forms.

Students will:


  • Use elements and principles of art to express ideas
  • Interpret artistic products and experiences
  • Learn how art reflects and shapes society and life



In fourth grade, students will have the opportunity to participate in music activities and to develop an appreciation for music.