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PK3 May 2

PK3 Feb 29-Mar 4

In Mrs. Ceasair`s class the following classroom rules are reinforced daily:

  • Listen
  • Touch Friendly
  • Be Friends with Everyone
  • Speak softly
  • Share and forgive

In our class we learn magic words such as…

  • Thank You
  • Please
  • You`re Welcome
  • I’m Sorry

Objectives for Pre-k

  • Follow directions.
  • Students will be able to make the sign of the cross and recite prayers.
  • Identify ABC and recognize and write numbers 1-10.
  • Colors and shapes.
  • To practice “good manners”.
  • To share and forgive.
  • Practical daily routine responsibilities.
  • Recite days of the week and months of the year.
  • Recognize seasons of the year.


In the Block Center children learn to…

  • Use vocabulary to designate quantities; express relative sizes
  • Form groups by sorting and matching objects according to their attributes
  • Learn size and shape differentiation, relationships and recognition
  • Understand gravity, stability, weight and balance
  • Develop respect for the work of others
  • Think, create and implement plans
  • Learn physical representations of addition and subtraction


In the Dramatic Play Center children will learn to…

  • Use a variety of words to express feelings and ideas
  • Learn social skills appropriate to social behavior
  • Work cooperatively
  • Practice simple home chores
  • Develop concept of family by practicing roles
  • Explore different celebrations and customs
  • Participate in leadership/fellowship roles
  • Discover ways people help each other


In the Science/Math Center children learn to…

  • Make predictions
  • Classify objects by shape, size, color, weight
  • Use senses to gain information about the environment
  • Visual perception, seriation, and patterning
  • Observe color, texture, size and shape of objects; group objects
  • Relate terms to smaller, taller, etc. …
  • Observe relationships between objects


In the Library children learn to…

  • Arrange the events of a story in sequential order
  • Distinguish between real and make believe
  • Become familiar with the printed word
  • Identify author and illustrator as being creators of stories
  • Be respectful of books and printed matter


In the Playdough Center children will learn to…

  • Compare and contrast texture
  • Develop fine motor skills like pincher control
  • Discover properties of matter
  • Express self-creativity
  • Compare similarities and differences


In the Creative Art Center children learn to…

  • Discover line, color, shape and texture by seeing and feeling objects
  • Experiment with a variety of simple media
  • Develop organizational skills
  • Respond to a story by drawing or painting
  • Develop manipulative skills and eye-hand coordination
  • Experiment with materials to understand cause and effect
  • Express individuality


In the Sensory Center children learn to…

  • Identify textures (both liquid and solid)
  • Explore cause and effect relationships
  • Discover math and science relationships
  • Experiment using different medias
  • Practice skills such as pouring and measuring


Children are exposed to monthly themes, which introduce them to God’s love and His gifts.

  • God’s gift of our friends
  • God’s gift of ourselves
  • God’s gift of our world
  • God’s gift of life
  • Growing as God’s child
  • Growing as God’s family

Additionally, the children will learn about special Church seasons such as Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter.


Students’ fine motor skills are developed on a daily basis through play with manipulatives and work on projects. Large motor skills are practiced weekly. Children are encouraged to move many ways, balance, and exercise. Ball and beanbag skills are introduced to improve eye-hand coordination and following directions. Spatial relationships and body awareness are developed as children learn to better coordinate their movements.


The children have the opportunity to sing songs both alone and in a group. Dancing is also incorporated. Rhythym instruments and hand bells are added as children learn to keep the beat.


Art experiences are presented daily and the children are encouraged to experiment with many different mediums. Projects are open-ended as well as teacher directed. International Studies